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Forklift Stick Cassettes

Product description

Fork lift stick cassettes place fork lift sticks onto finished timber packets. The cassettes are loaded manually from a working platform. Forklift sticker cassettes are usually placed above the packet out-feed conveyor. It is possible to position fork lift stick cassettes individually. Fork lift sticks are laid out with the aid of a fully mechanical device. There are optional electric actuators that prevent sticks from a given cassette from being laid out. The fork lift operator is able to select the cassettes from which sticks are taken.

  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Easy-to-load cassettes
  • Vastly improved working environment for forklift drivers
  • Can also lay forklift sticks on their ends
  • Disengageable fork lift stick cassettes with electric actuator assistance (option)

Technical data

Mechanically activated cassettes
Optional number of fully mechanical fork lift stick cassettes
Cog drive motor-driven downward stacker movement
Work platform
Work platform support

Fall protection cassette frame
Product number
Optional number of fork lift stick cassettes with no actuator function