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Laths Automatic

Product description

To create stability in finished packages during transport and handling a number of laths are laid inside the packages. This takes place automatically after the laths have been manually loaded into a cassette. The lath length is automatically adjusted to the package width.

  • The lath layer can be used with most types of package stackers
  • Very high capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Simple cassette loading with only one loading position
  • The sticks are cut to the correct length according to their packet width, which is why only one length of bind stick is required.
  • Also functions as an automatic feeder for impregnation sticks

Technical data

Laying rate
20 pieces/min
Hook track operations
Screw gear drive motor
Laying manoeuvring
Laying / layer holder
Typically 3-4 for laths

Product number
Electrically driven roller shears
Cuts the sticks to the correct length
Impregnation sticks
Anpassning till impregneringsströn
Robotic layer
Laying rate 27 pieces/ min