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Planing Line Stacker

Product description

Renholm’s package layer puts finished product packages in planing mills and other processing facilities. A continuous flow of pieces of timber is recorded and marked before the layers are stacked into finished product packages. The package layer handles all types of packages such as full packages, half packages, and quarter packages. Binding strips are placed in the packages between predetermined layers. Binding strips are manually loaded into a cassette from the gangway alongside the machine. The binding strips are then cut to the correct length for the current package width.

  • Patented solutions
  • Highest capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Assist lift minimizes package changeover times
  • Automatic binding strip application where the binding strips are cut to the correct length
  • Smooth and gentle operation
  • A loading cassette for binding strips

Technical data

Maximum 16 dispenses per minute
Worm gear motors


Package height
Up to 1,200 mm
Package width
Up to 1,200 mm
Product number