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Product description

ROSY (Robovision System) is the final piece of the puzzle to create a Zero Contact lumber handling in green- and dry sorting lines.

ROSY is the system that make control room work possible in sawmills. The operator is protected from noise and dust, and work in a risk-free environment since ROSY replaces operators work sorting out defected lumber pieces and corrects lumber that are on top of each other.

The purpose with ROSY is to take away or correct lumber that will disturb the lumber flow, resulting in the Single feeder can run without interruption.

This is more than a robot. The ROSY system contains a mix of vision for detection of problem lumber, robot for removing and correction and finally an intelligent machine control to handle all possible situations that can occur in a high-speed lumber flow.

ROSY is a giant leap for the work environment and enables increased efficiency by running around the clock without increasing human workforce.