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Sink Bins

material and machine

Product description

In the lowering bin the lumber is sorted according to, for example, dimensions, quality and length. A bin section consists of a number of bins matched to the different sorts the lumber is to be sorted into. When emptying the lumber bundle is lowered down onto an underlying chain conveyor for transportation onwards to a stacker.

  • Sink bins with SoftBin ensure careful handling of the lumber
  • Sink bins with flap sorting ensure a high capacity
  • Sink bins with hook sorting is a cost-efficient solution
  • Robust construction with conical divergent bins
  • Stable and careful in-feed to the sink bins thanks to the design of the sink bin intakes and flaps

Technical data

Chain tension
Bottom hatch dead weight
Flyer chain
Hydraulic cylinder, or electrical gear motor drive

Product number
2755, 2765