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Stock Stacker

Product description

The sticker-stacker is used to build packages for the subsequent drying process. A straw machine inserts drying straw between the layers of timber. The pieces of timber are placed alternately to the right and left in the layer to achieve the same package length regardless of dimensions, allowing the timber kilns to be filled optimally and to provide the most favorable conditions for drying. The straws are placed in rows across the pieces of timber, directly above each other, which is important for the stability of the packages. Stable packages are crucial for subsequent processes.

  • Stable packages
  • Straw rows directly above each other
  • Same package lengths with double even ends
  • Highest capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Proven technology
  • Creates optimal conditions for the subsequent drying process

Technical data

Max 16 laydowns/minute (dimension dependent)
Product number
2901, 2902, 2341, 2343, 2540, 2195, 2924
Single draw of the timber. Possibility for two different package lengths. Layer spreading when laying varying widths in the same package