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Product description

A tilt is used to separate the sticks from the timber in a timber packet by tilting the packet so that the timber layer can slide off onto one of the following chain conveyors at the same time as the sticks fall down between the chain guides. The packet turnover time can be minimised with the use of an assisting elevator that takes over and raises the packet on the last section as the main elevator fetches the next packet. Sticks that are frozen fast or stuck by resin can be loosened by fitting the tilt with some form of stick separator.

  • Careful handling.
  • Can be equipped with an assisting elevator
  • High capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Available in several different sizes

Technical data

6-25 Ton packet weight, depending on model
Hydraulic, option: electrical

Packet raising
Hydraulic via flyer chain, option: electrical
Product number
2081, 2083, 2085, 2087, 2088