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Trimmer ElectroSinus


Product description

Trimmer ElectroSinus is a high capacity product used for module cutting of timber. Each piece of timber is cut in stages around a module length. Trimmer ElectroSinus combines the trimmer arm and the split shaft from its predecessor, the TriAx trimmer, and the blade rotation, cutting support and support from underneath, as well as sawdust transport, from the Sinus trimmer. In addition, Renholmen has created a brand new solution for the cutting motion, with optimisable control.

  • Patented and thoroughly tested solution
  • High capacity
  • Energy saving through refeed
  • More eco-friendly, no leakage of oil or air
  • Controlled cutting motion
  • Very good cutting support provides the blades with excellent conditions for clean cuts
  • Protective environment for the blades
  • A short conveyor moves the timber pieces along during the cutting motion
  • Tried and tested blade operation
  • Main conveyor straight through the trimmer, no conveyor divide
  • Effective sawdust management
  • Also removes the small off-cuts, the “crusts”
  • Easy and accessible maintenance
  • Robust design

Technical data

Max. 200 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Blade operation
Electric motor operation x2
Blade movement
Electrically powered
1 per blade
Module length
300 mm
Chain conveyor past the blades with carriers between each blade

Toothed gear drive motor for operation of the lifting mechanism for the blades as well as operation of conveyors through the trimmer.
Sawdust handling
Sawdust duct with extraction connectors and toothed gear motor-driven sawdust conveyor
Hopper with tray for conveyor belt for offcuts
Service hatches
Dust-proof, sound-insulated service hatches with electric seal
No. of cutting blades
Max 21 st
Product number