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Trimmer, TriAx


Product description

Trimmer TriAx is a high capacity product used for module cutting of timber. Each piece of timber can be cut in stages around a module length. The product may even be included as a part of Renholmen’s complete cutting system.

  • Improved solution with short cutting arms
  • Exact module cutting of timbers
  • Good cutting support
  • Dust is removed via vacuum shafts
  • High capacity
  • Robust, easily serviced design
  • Easy belt replacement thanks to split shafts
  • The blade belt runs over three shafts to avoid belt length differences

Technical data

Max. 160 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Blade operation
Electric motor operation x2
1 per each blade
Carrier division
800 mm
Blade movement
Pneumatic cylinders
Module length
300 mm
No. of cuts
max 21 pieces
Timber width
70-250 mm

Timber diameter
16-100 mm
Timber length incoming
max 6,7 m
Timber length, module cut
max 6,0 m
Chip suction
2 suction ducts
Down onto underlying belt conveyors
Service hatches
Machine protection
Electrically guarded service hatches
Service plan
Also serves as a transition over the line
Product number