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Triple Stacker

Product description

Renholmen’s Triple Stacker places ready product packages in the dry sorting lines, planing lines and other further processing plants. A continual timber flow in layers is registered and marked before the layers are stacked as ready product packets. The triple stacker can lay all types of packages as full-packages, half-packages, flat quarter-packages and quadratic quarter-packages. Laths are laid in the packages between pre-determined layers. The laths are manually loaded in a cassette on the walkway at the side of the machine. These are subsequently cut to the correct length for the package width concerned.

  • Contains several patented solutions
  • Highest capacity
  • Advantageous in combination with tray sorter
  • Also combinable with the unscrambler section with by-pass step feeder
  • Can mark and register lumber pieces in layers with the help of the patented “instantaneous separation” solution
  • Robust simple design with three sets of stacker forks
  • Gentle, careful process
  • Can be adapted to accommodate impregnation sticks
  • Double elevator gives minimal package turnover times
  • Laths automatic laying where the laths are cut to the correct length
  • A loading cassette for laths
  • Energy-saving operational control, using recycled energy

Technical data

max. 30 layers/minute
Package width
500 -1200 mm
Electric servo motors and pneumatics

Instantaneous separation for marking in levels
Instantaneous separation for registering in layers
Product number
Lamellar conveyor 2937
Chain conveyor layer stamp 2927
Length measurer 2938
Marking equipment 2939
Stapling section Triple stacker 2933
Bind stick robot 2853
Packet elevator double side out-feed 2936