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Product description

In the event of a short stop in the green sorting plant, the buffer is used to temporarily receive and store the lumber flow from the sawmill, so the mill won’t have to be stopped. Once the stoppage has been remedied, the buffer is emptied at the same time as lumber from the saw is received and sorted.

  • Very high accessibility from the saw-line
  • Careful handling of the timber
  • Robust, tried and tested design solutions
  • Patented (SE 1251380-0, EP 13195158.4)
  • Fully-automatic control of reloading and emptying

Technical data

Buffer capacity
Dependent on volume and requirements.
Normally between 15-60 min
Antal kedjor
10 pcs
Accessability for the saw
approx. 99 % depending on shape
Conveyor chains M80-B-100, connected in pairs with the carrier
Double shock absorption in metal cladding at impact zone Metal
edging on even-end side

Variable frequency gear motor
Actuator for elevator tilting
Unscrambler Buffer 2413
Chain conveyor 2103